What Type of String to Use for a Bead Loom?

Answer One branch of bead work is loom beading. Beading on a loom is a precise technique that requires a steady hand and a lot of patience. When working on a loom, it is crucial you choose your warp thre... Read More »

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Directions for Bead Weaving Loom?

Bead weaving is an easy craft to learn, and is especially popular for kids learning about craft, as they can produce well-finished looking pieces of jewelry right from the start. There are plenty o... Read More »

Instructions for How to Assemble a Bead Loom?

Bead looms are used to help create beaded jewelry like bracelets, rings, necklaces and even earrings. Bead looms can help create beaded insets for clothing or decoration. Beading work has been prac... Read More »

Wire Bead Loom Instructions?

Wire bead looms are commonly used for creating Native American-style beading but can be used for any beading project. Bead looms work on the same principle as a weaving loom, using warp (vertical) ... Read More »

How to String an Antique Rug Loom?

Handmade rugs are durable but time consuming. For those desiring a long-term project, they provide hours of relaxing weaving at the seat of your very own antique rug loom. When working with this an... Read More »