What Type of Star is Antares?

Answer Antares, the 15th-brightest star in the Milky Way, is a type of star known as a red supergiant. The large, red star can be easily confused for Mars, which is about the same size in the night sky. I... Read More »

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How to Speed up Antares Autotune?

Speed up Autotune's response in order to create a robotic-type effect on your vocals. The Antares Autotune pitch-correction plugin is widely used for correcting minor pitch imperfections in tracks ... Read More »

What Settings Do I Set The Antares Autotune VST Plugin For Audacity to?

Ok...this is a bit complicated but this is how its done...To get auto tune to work in audacity you must follow these steps.. go there and download the plugin..go to... Read More »

How to Use Antares Autotune With Acid Music Studio 5.0?

Sony's digital audio program Acid allows users to create, record, process and edit their own music. Autotune assists in this process by taking audio and correcting each pitch so that it is in tune.... Read More »

What Type of Star Is Deneb?

Astronomers group stars according to their different characteristics. Some of these characteristics are color, apparent brightness, actual brightness and size. Historically, many of these distinct... Read More »