What Type of Soil Should Be Used to Plant Flowers?

Answer Flowers are remarkably resilient and adaptable to different growing conditions. However, providing them with the most suitable soil allows them to flourish and produce large, brightly colored, long... Read More »

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What type of soil should be used for potted outdoor plants?

Different plants require different soil, so always take that into consideration. Outdoor potting soil should be a loose, lightweight soil that allows the roots to grow. It should also provide nutri... Read More »

What Type of Soil Is Best for a Hosta Plant?

Hostas are low-growing, ornamental, broad-leaved perennials that prefer moist but well-drained soil high in organic matter and nutrients. They prefer shady or lightly shaded spots and come in numer... Read More »

Flowers to Plant in Very Dry Soil?

Most flowers and plants like a damp or moist soil that drains well, but many plants can also survive in dry soil. These plants are typically labeled as drought tolerant so buyers know that they can... Read More »

What is the type of potting soil needed to plant dates in Pennsylvania?

The soil for planting dates doesn't matter as temperature is the most important factor for this plant. Growing dates require a very high constant temperature. Even in places such as California and ... Read More »