What Type of Sand Blast Media to Use on Rust?

Answer Few things can harm a metal surface as extensively as rust. That's why rust is commonly called "car cancer" in the car restoration culture. Removing rust is the first step in repairing a panel. The... Read More »

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What is the correct blast media and pressure to bead blast pool tile?

AnswerThe traditional method uses sand or glass beads.Some cleaning companies use a media that is softer than the tile to avoid damage to the surface.Specially processed sodium bicarbonate (baking ... Read More »

What Type of Sandblast Media to Use on Rust?

Sandblasting your car can remove rust stains and help prepare your car for new paint. However, you must choose the sandblasting media carefully; the wrong media may damage the metal panels of your ... Read More »

How to Sand Blast?

This will show and explain the basic steps on how to sandblast. Get the basics so you can sandblast various items such as car restoration, glass, concrete, or other metals.

How to Sand Blast a Car?

Sandblasting is a powerful way to remove paint from virtually any car body part. With a sand blaster, paint, rust and primer is stripped clean, leaving a bare, metal surface that is ready for a coa... Read More »