What Type of Root System Does a Grape Plant Have?

Answer After deciding on a grape, grapevine growers have to choose the right location for its vine. Grapevines are not too picky about soil type, but they need soil that offers enough drainage and depth f... Read More »

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In what season do you plant a grape root?

On One Hand: When To Plant Grape RootsGrape root cuttings should be planted in the spring after the soil has thawed and is workable. If you've purchased your grape root cuttings, it's best to plant... Read More »

How big is a tomato plant root system?

Tomato plants have large root systems. A mature plant has a taproot that roots down as deep as 3 feet into the soil. The tomato plant also has numerous lateral roots, extending well beyond 20 inche... Read More »

The Root System of a Tomato Plant?

There is nothing like the taste of a homegrown tomato, and tomatoes plants are easy to grow given the right conditions: lots of sunlight, enough water and regular feeding once you begin to see blos... Read More »

What type of plant do you grow in the plot after the root vegetables have been in there?

Nothing will grow in my plot anymore...though i don't believe the root vegetables are to blame, i still feel guilty as i did dream of ripping the roots out and chopping them up with my little hoe w... Read More »