What Type of Rings Can You Get When You First Get Your Belly Button Pierced?

Answer If you are considering getting your navel pierced, choosing the correct ring or jewelry is not all about how it looks. Jewelry for an initial piercing should meet certain guidelines for safety. Usi... Read More »

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How old to get your belly button pierced?

that doesnt require any exact age, if you wanna have your parents permission. you can have your belly button pierced even at the age of 16 and younger, if you can get your parents permission. howev... Read More »

How much to get your belly button pierced?

i went to pleasurable piercings in hawthorne nj. it was 35 :] . im 15 btw.

I got my belly button pierced...?

Okay as a big girl in the bod mod community, I think that's pretty cool, you have my respect.Just be careful, exercise does effect you're piercing, I'd stick to yoga, and only yoga. Cardio and aero... Read More »

and getting belly button pierced?

You are just 13. Wait few years more dear.