What Type of Religion Is Confucianism?

Answer Confucianism is not actually a religion as such; it is a way of life that was taught by China's first public teacher Confucius (K'ung Fu Tzu), who lived during the 6th to 5th century BC. Confuciani... Read More »

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Does Your Religion Have Any Impact On The Type Of Music You Listen To?

I'm catholic and I listen to death metal, thrash metal, black metal and are basically revered by the church for their "alleged" satanic messages. I don't lose any sleep if some preacher man hates m... Read More »

How to Learn About Confucianism?

Confucianism is an East Asian ethical and philosophical system originally developed from the teachings of the early Chinese sage, Confucius. It is a complex system of moral, social, political and r... Read More »

What is a book or text from Confucianism?

While Confucius may not have written many of the books his followers use, there are a total of fourteen that are accepted as authentic and authoritative. They are divided into several different gro... Read More »

Issues of Confucianism in the Classroom?

Since 2004, the Chinese government has been promoting teaching the Chinese language throughout the world through its Confucius Institute. However, one middle school in Los Angeles County rallied ag... Read More »