What Type of Radiation Is the Most Penetrating?

Answer All the stars, including the sun, emit radiation. Terrestrial sources, such as a nuclear reactor or an atom bomb, also produce radiant energy. This radiation travels through space in a straight lin... Read More »

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What type of em radiation do conventional ovens use?

What Type of UV Radiation Is Released by a Tanning Bed?

Tanning beds offer a quick, effective and convenient way to acquire a tan. Despite claims that tanning beds provide a harmless alternative to natural sunlight, the World Health Organization states ... Read More »

What type of radiation do stone houses have?

The radiation in stone houses is called ionizing radiation. According to the World Health Organization, this means that a radiating particle forms ions out of atoms by stealing electrons from the a... Read More »

What type of electromagnetic radiation exist in cosmos?

Everything from Ultra Low Frequency Radio Frequencies (under about 1Hz) through High Energy Gamma Rays. Visible light is somewhere in middle.