What Type of Pokemon Is Gyarados?

Answer In the "Pokémon" series of video games, Gyarados is a huge, aggressive creature known for its strength and rampages. Despite looking like a dragon, Gyarados' two Pokémon types do not include the ... Read More »

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How to Get Gyarados in "Pokemon LeafGreen"?

In the "Pokemon" series, Gyarados is a Pokemon that resembles a large sea serpent. As a Water- and Flying-type monster, Gyarados is partially resistant to Fighting-, Bug-, Steel-, Fire- and Water-t... Read More »

How to Find a Shiny Gyarados on Pokemon Heartgold?

Here's how to increase your chances of finding a Shiny Gyarados in Pokemon HeartGold.

How Do I Teach a Gyarados to Surf in "Pokemon FireRed"?

"Surf" is a special move in "Pokémon: FireRed" that can either be used to swim across oceans or in battle to do damage to enemies. This move can only be taught to certain Pokémon who are able to ... Read More »

How to Be Undefeated Against Normal Type Pokemon?

Do you want to be undefeated? You can beat any Normal type Pokemon in the whole world using these tips, and you don't need an Action Replay.