What Type of Oil Is Next After 5W30?

Answer Automobile oil prevents engine seizure by lubricating the internal moving parts. As a consumer walks down an engine oil aisle, he is met by a full wall of different oil types, or weights. Each oil ... Read More »

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What Is 5W30 Motor Oil?

Motor oil is an oil that is suitable for use in a car or other vehicle's engine. Rated in cP (centipoises), the length of time the oil takes to flow through a standard opening at a set temperature,... Read More »

How to Change From 5W30 to 10W30?

Changing the oil in your car on a regular basis is necessary to help keep your vehicle running at peak efficiency. Newer cars now usually run on 5W30 motor oil and most manufacturers prefer this gr... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between 5W30 and 10W30 Oil?

Motor oil is used for lubricating the internal parts of internal combustion engines in a wide variety of applications. It helps control temperature and allows moving parts to function without gener... Read More »

5W30 and 10W30 Differences?

Motor oil has specific properties for use in your car, boat or small engine. The Society of American Engineers specifies standards for motor oils, and you can tell if a motor oil meets their standa... Read More »