What Type of Oil Is Next After 5W30?

Answer Automobile oil prevents engine seizure by lubricating the internal moving parts. As a consumer walks down an engine oil aisle, he is met by a full wall of different oil types, or weights. Each oil ... Read More »

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What Is 5W30 Motor Oil?

Motor oil is an oil that is suitable for use in a car or other vehicle's engine. Rated in cP (centipoises), the length of time the oil takes to flow through a standard opening at a set temperature,... Read More »

What is next after blu-ray?

Blu-ray discs can store much more data than standard DVDs - 50GB compared to 4.7 GB. This means Blu-ray can store movies with higher resolution video and audio. If you have an HDTV and the right t... Read More »

What is next after HD?

The format, called Ultra High Definition Video, or UHDV, has a resolution 16 times greater than plain-old HDTV, and its stated goal is to achieve a level of sensory immersion that approximates actu... Read More »