What Type of Musical Instrument Is the Piano?

Answer Symphonies place the piano with the percussion section, as hammers striking the strings create the sound. However, because of the strings, many people consider the piano to be part of the string fa... Read More »

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What musical instrument is known as an axe?

“Axe” is a slang term for an electric guitar, especially one with an angular shape. The term may have derived from the practice of smashing guitars with an axe-like motion at the end of rock co... Read More »

What musical instrument did the Arabs invent?

Numerous instruments have been invented by Arabs. Among the more popular are the oud, which resembles a mandolin; the qanun, which is similar to a dulcimer; and the nay, which is a flute made from ... Read More »

What was the first musical instrument made?

The first musical instrument ever made was a flute made from a small vulture wing bone. The flute was unearthed by archaeologists in Germany. An exact replica of the 35,000-year-old flute produced ... Read More »

What musical instrument has one to four drones?

Bagpipes typically have between one and four drones, each of which plays the same note constantly as the chanter, another part of the instrument, is used to play melodies. Great highland bagpipes, ... Read More »