What Type of Math Is Used in Digital Electronics?

Answer Modern computer systems use binary numbers -- ones and zeros -- for all operations because they can be represented by two voltage states: on or off. Early computers were programmed by manually sett... Read More »

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What type of memory card is used for a Sanyo digital camera?

Sanyo digital cameras (both of the video and still variety) use the SD memory card format. This works well because the cameras they produce are very compact, and SD cards are hardly bigger than a t... Read More »

Type of Math Used in Electrical Engineering?

Electrical and electronic devices are ubiquitous in the modern world. Curious students with a knack for understanding how things work may well be drawn to electrical engineering as a career. But be... Read More »

Uses of digital electronics?

digital refers to machine language as true=1 false =0it has two states only and decision and paths are taken accordingly to true or false premises. These states are basic to decision making.. it ca... Read More »

What type of bake ware set is used in Gas type Conventional ovens?

the banana on the counter will brown but the one in the fridge would brown faster but the inside of the brown pillings is still freshthe banana on the counter will brown but the one in the fridge w... Read More »