What Type of Material to Use for Fascia Board?

Answer Most modern homes built with conventional lumber and either hand-cut or trussed rafters are fitted with fascia boards to cover the exposed rafter ends. The fascia protects the rafters from weather ... Read More »

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National board dental exam study material?

you need to seek previous years exams and i mean like last year. the national board exam is such BS because there were several people in my class that only studied the previous 3 years exams and t... Read More »

What type of material can travel through space?

What type of parachute material works best?

On One Hand: Nylon is the StandardMost modern parachutes are made out of nylon material. During WWII silk was also used extensively, but nylon is still the standard for parachutes used for both saf... Read More »

What type of gasket material is used around gasoline?

Sealing areas containing highly corrosive fluids like gasoline requires a different sort of gasket material. Gas-resistant gasket materials must be chemically inert, heat resistant and flexible eno... Read More »