What Type of Maintenance Should Be Done on Air Conditioning Systems?

Answer Just as you wouldn't drive a car forever without maintaining its moving parts, so should your air conditioning unit receive preventative care. The units, on both the inside and the outside of the h... Read More »

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What Chemicals Are Used to Clean Air Conditioning Systems?

Though automotive air conditioners are closed systems, they still accumulate contaminants, mostly rancid compressor oil. Moisture in the system reacts with the oil to form sludge which creates corr... Read More »

What Kind of Air Conditioning Systems Do Schools Have?

Designing a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system for school buildings is a moderately complex task. It involves adherence to a number of government stipulations and accounting fo... Read More »

Automotive Air Conditioning Systems That Will Not Accept Freon?

An automotive air-conditioning system requires many components to function properly. When a failed component is replaced, typically, the system must be recharged with refrigerant. When a mechanic a... Read More »

How to Get Free Service Calls for Your Heating and Air Conditioning Systems?

These instructions apply for either replacement, repair, or new installation of your future Air Conditioning/heating needs. Read on if you want to learn how to get free service calls.