What Type of Life Did Sioux Indians Live?

Answer The Sioux Indians were one of the first Native American nations to inhabit North America. Seven tribes comprised the Sioux: The Wdewakanton, Teton, Sisseton, Wahpekute, Yankton, Wahpeton and Yankto... Read More »

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Customs & Ceremonies of the Sioux Indians?

The word "Sioux" refers to seven Indian tribes divided into three structures known as Teton, Yankton and Santee. This Sioux social organization dates to about 1700 after the Sioux settled in Missis... Read More »

What type of clothes did the hopi indians wear?

The Hopi Indians are a Native American tribe of what is now the southwestern United States. Their clothing evolved through many centuries of rocky desert dwelling. It typically highlights conservat... Read More »

What Landforms Did Comanche Indians Live In?

A proud and noble tribe of Native Americans, the Comanche dominated a large portion of the southwestern United States up until the late 19th century. Their territory included parts of New Mexico, C... Read More »

Where did the Oneida Indians live?

The Oneida Indians are one of six Indian nations that comprised the Iroquois. Originally, the Oneida lived in upstate New York. The Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Mohawk and Tuscarora are the other five... Read More »