What Type of Glue Should You Use to Repair a Blown Speaker?

Answer Older speakers employing foam surrounds do, on occasion, require replacement of that surround, due to dry rot or abuse. Blown speakers with the cone detached from the ridged "spider" suspension be... Read More »

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What type of glue can I use to repair a leather watch band?

For gluing materials such as leather found on a leather watch band, a number of glue products are designed specifically for leather. Krazy Glue, a type of super glue, makes a glue product specifica... Read More »

Blown speaker?

A common misconception is that if you have speakers that can handle more power than your receiver can deliver you'll be safe. The fact of the matter is that if you over work your amplifiers you ar... Read More »

How do i know if i have a blown speaker?

U will hear a sound that is unnatural, sound like just at the moment when your umbrella flips in the strong wind or like a cracked drum... (for music with high base) if the music has high trebble t... Read More »

Can you fix a blown speaker on skullcandy headphones?

with skullcandy earbuds i have found if you take the little mesh metal piece that you hear sound out of, out, they not only work again but play much louder. now this is only true with the in ear ea... Read More »