What Type of Glue Do I Use for Outside Rear-View Mirrors?

Answer Over time, outside rear-view mirrors give in to rain, snow, ice and humidity. The glass, any plastic and other materials within the outside mirror may become weak and break. Replacing an outside re... Read More »

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What Type of Glue Do I Use for Outside Rearview Mirrors?

Loss of the use of an outside rearview mirror can impair your vision while driving and cause safety issues. It's imperative that a mirror that has come loose be reattached in a secure manner as soo... Read More »

How to Glue Rear View Mirrors?

Automotive rear view mirrors use a special adhesive to hold their mounting buttons to the inside of the windshield. If the wrong adhesive is used, or the adhesive is improperly applied, the mirror ... Read More »

Types of Rear View Mirrors?

Rear-view mirrors offer extra visibility and awareness to a driver without him needing to take sight away from the road ahead. The proper use of rear-view mirrors is one of the most basic driving s... Read More »

How Do Rear View Mirrors Work?

The gasket used on the lower intake manifold is usually coated with RTV gasket sealer. When RTV gasket sealer dries, it turns to rubber and adds additional protection against leaking. However, when... Read More »