What Type of Front Will Cause Precipitation?

Answer Precipitation occurs when water falls to the earth from the clouds. Water returns to the earth in many forms, including rain, snow, sleet and hail. Just one part of a water cycle, precipitation inv... Read More »

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What Type of Weather Does an Occluded Front Bring With It?

A weather map shows meteorologists what type of weather is likely to occur in the near future. Meteorologists use the fronts and pressure systems to help predict the weather. While many of the fron... Read More »

How to Change the Front Brake Pads on a 2003 Jaguar X Type?

Changing disc brakes on the 2003 Jaguar X-type is a simple process that takes less than two hours to do for all four tires, on average. This process only has to be done every three to six years, de... Read More »

What does'chance of precipitation'mean?

According to the National Weather Service, the pop--or "probability of precipitation"--is often expressed as "chance of precipitation" or "chance of rain." It is the level of assurance that rain ca... Read More »

Precipitation in the Tundra?

According to the Blue Planet Biomes website, the tundra is a bleak, treeless area with year round freezing temperatures and very little precipitation. The summer months in the tundra are short and ... Read More »