What Type of Concrete is Used in a Swimming Pool?

Answer Gunite concrete is a dry gunned concrete used in swimming pools. It is sprayed in place by using air pressure. The cement and sand are dry when the air stream pushes them to the nozzle of the gun. ... Read More »

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Can I Put an Above Ground Swimming Pool on a Concrete Slab?

Above ground swimming pools let folks obtain the fun of a pool without spending large amounts of cash. Another attractive feature is that above ground pools can be installed on most solid, level su... Read More »

Can the depth of the deep end of a concrete swimming pool be changed from 8' to 5'?

Answer Yes. The pool's depth can be changed. Seek assistance from an aquatic architect/engineer or other engineer with the expertise to advice of rebar & cement.

What is the best product to paint an outdoor concrete swimming pool in Ontario?

Suggest a darker color, which will help the pool keep a warmer temperature.

Which is the better type of swimming pool skimmer or overflow?

== Answer == Fixed skimmers are good for small bodies of water that don't have a surge tank. Performance of fixed skimmers will change depending on the height of the water. Overflow gutters don't. ... Read More »