What Type of Class Lever are the Tweezers?

Answer Tweezers are a set of two Class 3 levers. Brianmac defines a Class 3 lever as one where the fulcrum and the load are on opposite ends and the effort--the working force--is between them. Unlike othe... Read More »

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What type of class lever are pliers?

Pliers are a set of two class 1 levers, according to Enchanted Learning. In a type (or class) 1 lever, the fulcrum is between the load and the force, or "effort" that will move it. The pliers' rive... Read More »

What does a Class 1 Lever mean?

A lever in which the force arm is longer than the work-producing arm; thus the work produced is always greater than the energy used, with a resultant high efficiency.

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