What Type of Camouflage Does the Katydid Have?

Answer Katydids, also called bush crickets, use two types of camouflage found in the animal kingdom -- concealing coloration and disguise. Katydid colors and body shapes match whatever plant that species ... Read More »

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How to Take Care of a Katydid Insect?

Driving near a field at night a person can expect to hear the chirping of crickets, cicadas, and the fascinating insect known as a katydid. These green bugs vaguely resemble grasshoppers with extre... Read More »

How deep is a katydid hole?

The approximate feeding hole for a katydid is 1/4 inch deep and 1/2 inch in diameter. These singing, winged insects belong to the long-horned family. They can be found in tropical, temperate or ari... Read More »

Where are the spiny katydid's ears?

The spiny katydid, like all katydids, has two aural structures called tympanic organs. The tympanic organs are located on the front legs of the insect. Male katydids produce a sound resembling, "... Read More »

How to Camouflage Your Gun?

You could be dressed up in a ghillie suit, be covered in branches and leaves, have your face painted, and you would still get spotted; the telltale sign of the gun barrel or the reflection of the l... Read More »