What Type of Birds Live in the Desert?

Answer Even though deserts are hot and arid environments, hundreds of species thrive in these habitats. A great variety of birds live in the desert, each fulfilling a different role for their ecosystem. W... Read More »

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What Type of Plants Live in the Australian Desert?

The Australian desert is biodiverse. It is home to many species of plants and animals not found anywhere else in the world. Although deserts are a difficult environment in which to live, Australia'... Read More »

What Kind of Animals and Plants Live in a Desert Biome?

Deserts makes up one-fifth of the Earth's surface. Most are at low altitudes, such as the Sahara in Africa, but some are high deserts in the mountains, such as those in Nevada and Utah in the Unite... Read More »

What Types of Birds Live in Midland, Texas?

Midland, Texas is a city approximately 300 miles west of Fort Worth located near the southern border of New Mexico. It is an area home to nearly 150 transient and indigenous bird species. Although,... Read More »

What are the birds that live in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado?

Since 1915, over 280 species of birds inhabited Rocky Mountain National Park. In 2000, the national park was selected as a Global Important Bird Area. The National Park Service lists 19 species of ... Read More »