What Type of Birds Live in the Desert?

Answer Even though deserts are hot and arid environments, hundreds of species thrive in these habitats. A great variety of birds live in the desert, each fulfilling a different role for their ecosystem. W... Read More »

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What Type of Plants Live in the Australian Desert?

The Australian desert is biodiverse. It is home to many species of plants and animals not found anywhere else in the world. Although deserts are a difficult environment in which to live, Australia'... Read More »

Why does the cactus have to live in the desert?

Answer Cacti are drought resistant - they can survive for weeks or months without water.

Animals That Live in the Hot & Dry Desert?

Twenty percent of the earth is desert. Hot and dry deserts are characterized by temperatures ranging from 68 to 118 degrees Fahrenheit, little rainfall, small amount of vegetation comprised of shor... Read More »

Mountain Lion's Adaptations to Live in the Desert?

Mountain lions, otherwise known as cougars, are ferocious predators capable of dwelling in almost any terrestrial habitat. Native to the Americas, mountain lions are large, solitary cats whose pred... Read More »