What Tools Were Needed for a Colonial Job As a Milliner?

Answer The colonial milliner's job was quite different from what people today imagine. In colonial times, milliners attracted a range of people to their shops, both male and female. Milliners carried a ra... Read More »

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Colonial Wig Making Tools?

The job of the wig maker was of paramount importance during the colonial times in the United States. Everyone who was anyone wore wigs; the lack of a wig was generally an indication of poverty. A... Read More »

Tools of the Colonial Blacksmith?

Blacksmiths were the hardware store of Colonial times. Need a pair of hinges for a horse corral gate? See the blacksmith. If you required nails, an ax head, kitchen cutlery, rims for the wagon, sho... Read More »

Colonial Candle-making Tools?

Colonial candle-making was a time-consuming but essential chore. It was typically an autumn task, coinciding with the onset of cooler weather, shorter days and less sunlight. Women were in charge ... Read More »

Tools of the Milliners in Colonial Times?

In colonial times, most people could not afford to replace their clothes when they wore down. The milliner was responsible for taking these older garments and transforming them into new clothes. Mi... Read More »