What Tools Should Be Used to Draw a Line 25 MM Parallel to an Edge?

Answer Drawing a line 25 millimeters parallel to an edge is a precise task that requires precise tools. Different tools vary in cost and ease of use. Some tools you may already have in your household. In ... Read More »

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There used to be a tv show in the 90's that featured a man who used to teach children how to draw He put the pencil to his forehead and yelled draw draw draw What was this show called?

The show was called "Imagination Station" with Mark Kistler. He is still drawing to this day!

How to Construct Parallel Segments Using a Straight Edge & a Compass?

Parallel lines are lines that will never cross, no matter how far they travel. A line segment is simply a portion of a line, so parallel segments are portions of two lines that would never meet if ... Read More »

How to Construct a Line That Is Parallel to the Line & Tangent to the Circle?

When the ancient Greeks invented geometric construction, their number system only included the positive integers. They had no means of measuring fractional quantities, so the foundations of geomet... Read More »

What is a parallel circuit used for?

A parallel circuit provides full voltage to many devices. Your household electrical wiring forms parallel circuits, so every appliance gets 120 volts. Every additional appliance consumes its share ... Read More »