What Tools Did the Greeks Use in Geometric Constructions?

Answer Geometry had been used in agriculture, art and building long before Euclid, a prominent ancient Greek thinker and mathematician. Greek constructions, according to Euclid, formalized a practical mat... Read More »

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Making Geometric Constructions With a Ruler & Compass?

Before computers and printers were common, mathematicians and students used rulers and compasses to draw mathematical shapes. Although it might seem cumbersome and difficult, one of the advantages ... Read More »

How do I Make Octagon Constructions?

Paper crafts are often part of the holiday decorating season. Use brightly colored patterns, origami paper, or recycled gift wrapping paper to create an octagon star wreath. Making octagon construc... Read More »

Geometry Projects for Constructions and Parallel Lines?

Geometry is a mathematical study in which lines, shapes and constructions are completed. Constructions are the methods by which lines and shapes are formed in geometrical studies. Among the types o... Read More »

In what year did the Greeks invent chewing gum?

Greeks began chewing a gum-like substance around the year 50 A.D. Unlike modern chewing gum, Greeks chewed a resin from the mastic tree that was hard to chew and quite bitter. What we think of as m... Read More »