What Time should I Go to sleep on School Days?

Answer 9 oclock

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What time should I sleep?

Don't mind the time,just try to get enough hours of sleep.

Well i'm 13 and i was wondering what time should I go to sleep?

What should I eat for breakfast on school days?

You could include oatmeal as a cereal in your breakfast meal. One thing with the appetite are you gaining weight?? If so there is another thing you might consider and that is going to a doctor f... Read More »

Should I go to this trip to Italy although I'll miss 8 days of school I mean it's Italy ! And these 8 days ar?

I think it's totally worth it. You can catch up very easily,it's only 8 dayz. Look this is once in a life time! Who can say the went to Italy before 11th grade.. Not many people. I would so do it i... Read More »