What Time should I Go to sleep on School Days?

Answer 9 oclock

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Information on the Effects of Sleep or Lack of Sleep on School Performance?

Lack of restful sleep leads to impaired memory, concentration problems and a decreased ability to solve mathematical equations. Lack of sleep can be especially rough on students, who need to concen... Read More »

Is it bad not to sleep for 2 days?

It's very unhealthy. Lack of sleep contributes to stress and depression, even weight gain. It's really hard on your body and brain. You're body makes important repairs and gets ready to handle the ... Read More »

My mother died 10 days ago and I'm having a hard time coping. What can I do to get through this awful time?

I am sorry for your loss you need to grieve for her for aslong as you need to. There is no words i can give to you to make it easier for you i wish they were whenever we loose someone close to us i... Read More »

Do you have days where you feel like you could sleep all day?