What Three Factors Affect the Climate?

Answer Regardless of where you are on earth, the climate is constantly changing. According to G. Tyler Miller, president of Earth Education & Research and author of "Living in the Environment," climate re... Read More »

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Factors Affecting Earth's Climate?

The Earth's climate is in a constant state of change. There have been three major glacial periods, or "ice ages," in Earth's history, as well as periods of warmth. In fact, millions of years ago, A... Read More »

How do bodies of water affect climate?

Bodies of water generally stabilize the climate of nearby land masses. Cities on the coast tend to have more stable temperatures than those farther inland due to the proximity of the ocean, seas, l... Read More »

How Does Climate Affect the Rate of Weathering?

The weathering process produces chemical or physical decay of exposed rocks on the earth's surface. The quantity of rain, degree of temperature change and length of exposure to the elements determi... Read More »

How Do Fossil Fuels Affect the Earth's Climate?

With the advent of industrial society came an increasingly heavy reliance on energy and finding ways to produce it. Methods for harnessing the energy contained inside fossil materials have become a... Read More »