What Three Factors Affect the Climate?

Answer Regardless of where you are on earth, the climate is constantly changing. According to G. Tyler Miller, president of Earth Education & Research and author of "Living in the Environment," climate re... Read More »

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What three factors affect the density of the Earth's amosphere?

Three factors that affect the density of the Earth's atmosphere are altitude, humidity and temperature. The density of air decreases with higher altitude, higher temperatures and higher humidity. P... Read More »

What are three factors that can affect the number of images that a camera can store?

One factor can be if the camera has a built in hard drive that you can choose for it save to, and how big it is. I have a camera with a built in one with 30 GB (giga bytes) and has around 5,000 pho... Read More »

Factors Affecting Earth's Climate?

The Earth's climate is in a constant state of change. There have been three major glacial periods, or "ice ages," in Earth's history, as well as periods of warmth. In fact, millions of years ago, A... Read More »

What Factors Affect Childhood Education?

Going to school and learning are among the most important tasks that children between the ages of 5 and 18 engage in. Learning is not always as simple as just going to school, however. Many factors... Read More »