What Threats Are There to Temperate Rainforests?

Answer The large temperate rainforests of the Pacific Northwest, filled with coastal redwoods, giant sequoia, Douglas fir, and Sitka spruce, sit between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains, where ab... Read More »

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What Dangers Do Temperate Rainforests Face?

The temperate rain forests are a rare ecosystem that originally covered only .2 percent of the world's surface. The temperate rainforests also have the greatest quantity of living matter per square... Read More »

The Native Plants of Temperate Rainforests?

While the word "rainforest" conjures images of hot tropical jungles, rainforests can and do exist all over the world. A temperate rainforest is any forest in the temperate zone which receives a cer... Read More »

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Ferns in the Rainforests?

With over 12,000 different species worldwide, ferns are a prolific variety of plant. Admired for their attractive leaves, they are cultivated as houseplants, but they also grow in the wild, especia... Read More »