What Technology Is Needed to Set Up a Virtual Environment in a Classroom?

Answer While the term "virtual classroom" refers to learning via the Internet in a private location such as a home, a virtual environment in a classroom refers to Internet-based technology set up within a... Read More »

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What is a virtual environment in a classroom setting?

A virtual learning environment in the classroom is a great learning tool because it involves computers and the Internet in a way that lets everyone interact with the same material simultaneously.Fe... Read More »

How Do I Use Technology to Enhance the Classroom Environment?

Teachers today realize that they are no longer teaching in a one-room schoolhouse. Instead, society is pressuring teachers to include technology in the classroom. Teaching students how to use techn... Read More »

Why Is the Physical Environment Significant in Creating an Effective Classroom Environment?

The physical environment of a classroom helps to set the tone for the success of your students. Classroom setup is very important, especially for children in younger grades who spend most of the sc... Read More »

How to Copy a Virtual PC Environment & Paste it in XP Pro?

Virtual PC environments are essentially complete virtual computers created by Windows Virtual PC and stored on your hard drive as .VHD and .VMC files. Because the virtual environments are stored in... Read More »