What TV sitcom features a deadpan pooch named Eddie played by a dog named Moose?

Answer fraiser PCH= jack Russell terrier

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What is the name of the sitcom that George Carlin was on Fox Network in 1993 in which he played a cab driver named George?

It was called "The George Carlin Show", premiered on January 16th, 1994, made 24 episodes over two seasons. Carlin played New York cab driver George O'Grady.

What sitcom had a character named Mia?

degrassi... also known as Nina Dobrev....

What hit TV sitcom featured a character named Rerun?

Freddy "Rerun" Stubbs was a character on the TV show What's Happening!!.

What Sesame Street character has a friend named Mr Noodle and a goldfish named Dorothy?