What TV shows do you recommend ?

Answer (There is a separate Entertainment-Television area where you might get better response. This area is for Electronics questions.)But - it looks like you are in the teen/young adult demographic.Try "... Read More »

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Can you recommend some tv shows?

I'm disgusted by almost all reality shows today, but Amazing Race is okay. Never watched Survivor.Warehouse 13 should be back on the air soon. I watch a lot of old Star Trek and Eureka reruns or ... Read More »

Which BBC Radio shows could you recommend?

there is a BBC audio drama of Salem's Lot might like the audio dramas based on Terry Pratchett disc world stories (I might have to go to BBC website and buy those... Read More »

Can anyone recommend an at-home teeth whitener that shows noticeable results?

Crest White Strips do work very well. They can make your teeth temporarily sensitive though, so pay attention to that.Good luck and God Bless!

I understand they pay people who appear on TV court shows. Are the rulings of the judges on the shows legal and can they be enforced?

Answer The participants agree to abide by the rulings of the "judge" and sign legal contracts to that effect. The contracts are well-written legal documents specific to the issues at hand and can e... Read More »