What TV show episode..or even a movie...featured a little white toy door in a shop and a girl who opens it. I think it was a kinda creepy like Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Answer Dunno the order, but I do know the original ten. Heatblast, Diamondhead, Gray Matter, Ghostfreak, Upgrade, Fourarms, Stinkfly, xlr8, Wildmutt, and Ripjaws. I also know the names of the ten NEW alie... Read More »

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What investigating detective show has 3 people 2 can kinda tell how the person died and the other 1 is kinda like their leader theirs 2 guys and 1 girl if u know can you please let me know thanks?

It's a Remington,I' m not sure which model,but it' s certainly noiseless and portable.

What was the name of the children's TV show 80's or 90's where a little girl was dressed all in white and had a white bedroom?

You're probably referring to the little robot from small wonder.

Why did a black person call me dark, but this white girl said I wasn't?

Maybe she thought he was being rude to you, bi-racials can be all colors, light to dark. It's kind of a stupid question to ask on his part really. So maybe she was actually trying to stick up for y... Read More »

My room door opens easily?

The latch is not going into the keep. Almost close the door and see if you can see why the latch doesn't enter the brass keep (the part fixed to the door jamb). The door might have dropped a touch ... Read More »