What Subjects Are Covered in a Business Class?

Answer If you take business classes, you would learn many concepts of how businesses operate. Business classes range from introductory topics to more detailed subjects. Introductory business classes are d... Read More »

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Subjects That Are Covered in the Mathematics GED Test?

The General Education Development (GED) test is designed to measure the skills and knowledge equivalent to a high school diploma by testing in five subject areas: mathematics, reading, writing, sci... Read More »

Business Activity for a 9th Grade Business Class?

Business is a commercial activity in which people engage to make a profit. In the ninth grade, students need to know the types of businesses -- such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, listed an... Read More »

Are Business Items Covered on Residential Homeowners Insurance Policy?

With more people starting home-based businesses, the insurance industry has made it possible to be covered for the damages that you may incur in this area. If you depend on your regular homeowners ... Read More »

Would I be covered on a business fleet insurance policy if I am not listed as a driver?

In terms of Auto Liability...this depends....1. Does the policy excluded unscheduled drivers? If so, no coverage for you.2. Did you have permission to use the vehicle? If not, no coverage for you.I... Read More »