What States Have Reciprocity on the Bar Exam?

Answer Reciprocity is the process where an attorney allowed to lawfully practice law in one state may also practice law in another state. Most states have some form of reciprocity on the bar exam. However... Read More »

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What is the air force regulation that states you have the day off before an exam?

I don't know for sure, but upon researching 36-2605 (the AFI that covers almost all testing) and I couldn't find anything that would confirm nor deny the day off before WAPS testing, but I know its... Read More »

Does Montana have reciprocity with Oregon for sales tax?

Montana and Oregon do not have a reciprocal sales tax agreement, because neither state charges retail sales tax. Sales tax reciprocity agreements require sellers in one state to collect and remit r... Read More »

Does a Florida Real Estate License Have Reciprocity With Illinois?

Florida has no reciprocity with Illinois for real estate licensing. It does have a process in place with nine other states that excludes the need for additional course work to obtain a Florida real... Read More »

What is Reciprocity in Anthropology?

Anthropology is the study of the human species and its ancestors. Cultural anthropology is the study of the cultural processes, behaviors and patterns of the human species through their material re... Read More »