What Spiders Live Around Lebanon, Indiana?

Answer Lebanon, Indiana is a small city of about 15,000 located to the northwest of Indianapolis. Because of its midwestern location, Lebanon is home to many of the most common spiders in the United State... Read More »

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Types of Spiders in Northern Indiana?

Over 400 species of spiders reside in northern Indiana. Of these, some are native to the area while others are transplants from other areas. Some of these spiders are dangerous, with bites that inj... Read More »

Common Spiders in Northern Indiana?

Northern Indiana is home to over 400 spider species, some of which are native while others were introduced over the years. There are both venomous, aggressive spiders and harmless varieties that ra... Read More »

How to Kill Spiders Around the Pool?

Spiders around the pool are not an enjoyable sight. Kids scream and you jump when they scurry by. If you want to kill the spiders around the pool and keep them away, then you must be constantly dil... Read More »

What Are Some Adaptations That Allow Spiders to Live on Land?

Living on land has been quite a challenge for spiders, as almost all of their predators also live on land. Spiders have evolved slowly over 400 million years to deal with these dangers, and the odd... Read More »