What Solder Is Used for Radiators?

Answer The solders used for repairing leaks in radiators are typically alloys consisting of mostly lead, combined with tin. These alloys melt well for soldering. Also, lead is highly resistant to corrosio... Read More »

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Silver Solder Tips for Fixing Leaking Radiators?

Soldering a car radiator is not for an amateur; it is notoriously difficult to do. The job requires a "hard solder" such as silver to join the pipes correctly and this requires a very hot soldering... Read More »

Is wire solder the same as pipe solder?

Wire solder is often a combination of lead and tin while pipe solder is lead-free. However, plumbing solder too was once a lead-tin alloy. In 1986 the Safe Drinking Water Act, forbade the use of le... Read More »

Can you paint radiators?

Yes you can but you need special radiator paint. Trust me I found out the hard way!

How do I Furnish Radiators?

Old radiators can take up a significant amount of space in a room, and their awkward sizes and shapes can be hard to decorate. You can turn your radiator into an attractive feature in your space by... Read More »