What Solder Is Used for Radiators?

Answer The solders used for repairing leaks in radiators are typically alloys consisting of mostly lead, combined with tin. These alloys melt well for soldering. Also, lead is highly resistant to corrosio... Read More »

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Silver Solder Tips for Fixing Leaking Radiators?

Soldering a car radiator is not for an amateur; it is notoriously difficult to do. The job requires a "hard solder" such as silver to join the pipes correctly and this requires a very hot soldering... Read More »

What kind of solder is used in making stained glass?

Most commonly, lead solder is used in the creation of stained glass art. Lead solder has fallen out of favor, though, due to its adverse effects on the health of the user. Lead-free alternatives sh... Read More »

What tool is used to solder wires to a circuit board?

A soldering iron is used with electronic solder to attach electronic components and small jumper wires to a circuit board. For delicate electronics and circuit-board work, an iron of 15W to 30W is ... Read More »

Why Is Antifreeze Used in Vehicle Radiators?

Radiators and coolant are essential elements for vehicles powered by internal combustion engines that produce heat. The heat must dissipate for the engine to continue operating. The radiator and co... Read More »