What Skills Do Kids Need on Computers?

Answer Computers are a large part of our society today, and many jobs require in-depth knowledge of computer operation, so it makes sense that schools now teach computer skills starting at an early age. T... Read More »

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American Kids in Schools Need Computers?

The era of learning in school through the use of textbooks, paper, pencils and chalk boards is quickly vanishing as computers become a growing part of the educational experience. American kids in s... Read More »

What life skills need to be taught to special need children?

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Computers for Improving Reading Skills?

Computers have been a fixture on the learning landscape for decades, particularly when it comes to reading instruction. Interactive multimedia tools can spark students' imaginations and engage thei... Read More »

What are the benefits of kids using computers?

Computers can be somewhat dangerous to children by affecting their attention spans and social skills. Also, there are numerous websites that contain spyware, scams, pornography and sex offenders. B... Read More »