What Should You Wear When it is 60 Degrees?

Answer Knowing what to wear when the weather is 60 degrees Fahrenheit can be a bit tricky. For some people, 60 degrees is cold weather, but for others, the same temperature feels warm. There are many fact... Read More »

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Should i wear jeans the first day of school if it is 90 degrees out?

Should I wear a cardigan with my dress tomorrow even though it is gonna be 86 degrees ?

If you wear a cardigan you can always roll the sleeves up and accessorize with a bunch of bangles, bracelets and even a watch .. i wear cardigans to work every day :)

What should i wear and know when i go to my interview for Great America?

Dress for success. Definitely wear a nice outfit. It is not the prom, but look sharp. Make good eye contact. When you speak, forget the slang. We all were there once upon a time. You'll be fine.

Your new water heater's thermostat is calibrated in degrees Celsius. What setting should you use if you want a hot water temperature of 140 degrees F?