What Should My Weight Be for My Age & Height?

Answer Height is often the main factor used when determining a healthy weight; however, age is a strong factor taken into consideration when determining healthy weight for an important part of the populat... Read More »

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What height and weight should nearly 17 years old be i am 4'11 and weigh almost 8 and a half stones?

its not about weight honey, its about how you feel about you... IF you are happy with the way you look, then you are doing just fine.I was a fat child, with a weight problem, caused by eating becau... Read More »

My weight 240 lb n my height is 5/4 how much should i lose?

Good grief, woman; you should weigh under 120 and be at peace, so let's seehow we can remedy this harmful situation. Stress and obesity are killers:A good food plan would be:Breakfast: low fat mi... Read More »

What height should chairs be for counter height?

Counter stools or counter-height chairs typically have seats between 24 to 26 inches In height, and they are used with counters or table tops that are 36 inches high. Bar stools or bar-height stool... Read More »

What is weight and height for front of a car?

it is not the same for all cars it depends seldom on the type of car and model