What Should I Do If My Gears Are Slipping in My Car?

Answer Slipping gears are an indicator of wear on your transmission that will need to be inspected. If you notice that your car is having trouble changing gears, this may be a warning sign. If your car is... Read More »

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Cures for Automatic Transmission Gears That Are Slipping?

Automatic transmission internals and fluid wears over time, thus it is common for a poorly maintained transmission with high miles to slip when in gear, in hot weather or when towing a heavy load.... Read More »

Should i get 4.10 gears in a mustang?

On One Hand: Too Extreme for the StreetInstalling a rear-end gear ratio as extreme as 4.10:1 into any car can make it a loud, revvy gas hog. Even though 302s and more modern 4.6L Mod engines like t... Read More »

How to Change Gears on Bicycle With 10 or more Gears?

Most bicycles today come with anywhere from 10 to 27 gears. Selecting the proper gear and knowing when to switch will let you ride faster, longer, and without worry of "that big hill".

What Can You Do for a Slipping Transmission?

If your vehicle's transmission is slipping between gears or the clutch is slipping, then the car may be experiencing the beginning of transmission problems. If you allow it to go on for too long, a... Read More »