What Shots Does a Newborn Need?

Answer I would like to know when a baby first day born- what shot's and what do they do on there first day in the world. do they doing anything on the there back-

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What Shots Do Newborn Puppies Need?

Immediately after birth, puppies have no natural immunity to disease. They will carry some antibodies that they received while in the womb, from their mothers' blood. Following birth, a puppy will ... Read More »

What does a newborn baby need?

A newborn needs a lot of things: breast milk or formula, warm clothes and blankets, an infant-safe bed, love from another person, and LOTS of patience. For everything else, ask the pediatrician. Th... Read More »

What Shots Does My Pekingese-Mix Dog Need Yearly?

Pekingese mixes require yearly shots. Just like other dogs, the breed can come across potentially dangerous viruses and diseases. To prevent them, your veterinarian will administer yearly vaccines.... Read More »

How many shots does a 6th grader need?

It all can vary, but to be on the safe side, next time you see your doctor, ask him or her because I am not a doctor.