What Shirts Go Best With a Tan Suit?

Answer Traditionally, business suits for men come in navy, black or gray. However, there are many color choices to choose from, depending on the occasion or season. Tan-colored suits are a popular choice ... Read More »

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What kind of shirts look best with skinny jeans?

On One Hand: Form-Fitting TopsForm-fitting tops go best with skinny jeans for boyish body types. Skinny jeans flatter straight silhouettes by tapering towards the ankles and giving the hips some sh... Read More »

I'm a blue eyed blonde with fair skin - which colour lipstick would best suit?

What is the best way to get yellow armpit stains out of shirts?

Yellow underarm shirt stains are likely caused by a combination of deodorant and perspiration. Many deodorants and antiperspirants contain aluminum salts. When these salts are combined with laundry... Read More »

What colour curtains would suit my room10 pts best.?

Hello!Definately red, this will make the small red design pop.If you do not want red, then white. You have white accessories, so it will go.By the sounds of your room, it is looks very nice.But the... Read More »