What Schools Did the Jews Go to During the Holocaust?

Answer During World War II, the Nazi regime of Germany employed a program known as "The Final Solution." The goal of the Final Solution was to rid the world of so-called genetic imperfections. The Nazis... Read More »

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Why were Jews put in ovens in the Holocaust?

So that if anybody were to fly over or drive near, they would not see a huge pile of dead bodies, and also it ridded the place of smell.

Were Jews burned in ovens in the Holocaust?

their corpses were burned in crematorium ovens yes, gentile bodies were also cremated in the same way, i fact if you hear of anyone being cremated today, their corpse will be burned in a crematoriu... Read More »

How many Jews were cremated ovens in the Holocaust?

Yes you can but only if your egg is fertile to begin with. Most of the eggs sold in stores come from large chicken farms where the hens are maintained totally separate from males. No males, no fert... Read More »

Who first called the Holocaust"the Holocaust"?

The term “Holocaust” derives from an ancient Greek word meaning, “sacrifice by fire.” No single person first used the term. As early as 1941, the term Holocaust described the destruction o... Read More »