What Scholarships can I get and how do I get them?

Answer Lafango is currently hosting two scholarship contests this helps!

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What are some good websites for scholarships other then and

Why are there black scholarships, but no white scholarships?

Scholarships can use whatever criteria they want: ethnicity, gender, age, intended major, artistic talents, etc. There is even a scholarship for tall people and another one for those with red hair.... Read More »


Not always. My son received an offer for a partial scholarship, but the school was very expensive, and we couldn't afford it. If he transferred in the second year, the award was reduced to 1/4 th... Read More »

Looking for scholarships?

Whoa! How sweet of you to share that with us. Thanks!!!!! Our daughter is taking a year off and graduated high school in June of 06. Do you think that she will still qualify? Let me know by e-mail ... Read More »