What Romance languages are based on Latin?

Answer Latin is the ancient language used by Romans. It was the official language of the Roman Empire. The languages that have derived directly from Latin are called the "Romance Languages". The standard ... Read More »

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How to Get a Degree in Romance Languages?

French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese are all Romance languages, and some words in these languages have similar spellings in English. For example, the Spanish word "rosa" is similar to the Englis... Read More »

Is Latin a romance language?

Latin is an Italic or Indo-European language originally spoken in Rome, Italy. Latin is the parent language of the romance languages, as these they derive from Latin words and grammar.References:Or... Read More »

What languages were developed from Latin?

The Latin language is considered to be dead, or dormant, but it lives on in a number of spoken tongues around the world. Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Italian and Romanian are among the Rom... Read More »

Computer geeks, What is the function of a host-based,client-based, download, upload and browser?

When users place documents in the server from the client computer this is called upload. Documents on the server can also be retrieved anywhere in the world using a client computer with a browser. ... Read More »