What Roles Do the Thermostat and Radiator Cap Play in a Cooling System?

Answer The key elements of a vehicle's cooling system are the radiator, coolant, water pump, radiator hose, radiator hose clamps, thermostat and radiator cap. Coolants cool, a water pump pumps water and t... Read More »

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How to Test a Cooling System Thermostat?

One of the most common reasons a car or truck engine overheats is a faulty thermostat. The thermostat closes when the engine is cold and opens as the engine warms up to allow the coolant to circula... Read More »

How to Flush the Cooling System in a Ford Taurus With No Radiator Cap?

The engine cooling system in the Ford Taurus, like all engine cooling systems, requires pressure to work properly. The radiator cap is the key component in keeping the system pressurized. Without t... Read More »

How to Improve Radiator Cooling?

Modern radiator coolant formulas have greatly extended the useful life of radiators, and lengthened coolant change intervals. In the distant past, winterizing the family car was an annual event. To... Read More »

How Does Radiator Cooling Work?

All cars on the road today use some sort of radiator to dissipate heat created by the combustion event, even those that don't actually use a radiator.