What Rights Does Purchasing a School Parking Permit Give?

Answer Parking permits are used at many high schools across the country. Some schools don't charge for their permits while others charge upwards of $300 (see Reference 1). Purchasing one of these permits ... Read More »

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You own a motorcycle. The condo you own and live recently disallowed motorcycle parking in the parking lot. What are your parking rights. Do you have a say on this?

According to the New York Appellate Division of State Supreme Court decided the co-op and condo law that courts will not get involved in decisions unless there is bad faith, fraud or breach of duty... Read More »

What does it mean when you give up moral rights to a photograph?

Copyright laws dictate that moral rights are automatically granted to the original photographer for images he creates. Giving up moral rights to a photograph allows others to market, license, modif... Read More »

What are the ADA Parking Rights in Texas?

The Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 was considered a great step forward in the rights of disabled individuals. The law deals with employment discrimination, facilities access and other issu... Read More »

How do i read a parking permit?

Read the parking permit for the zone or designated area to which the permit applies. The zone stated on the permit should match any signs in the lot or on the street. Check for an expiration date a... Read More »