What Rights Do School Uniforms Violate?

Answer School uniforms have long been part of the private school experience but have recently become a topic of discussion and debate for public school students. Educators and parents have hotly debated t... Read More »

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Impacts of School Uniforms on Individual Rights?

School uniforms are thought by many public schools to be a panacea for low-academic achievement and gang-related violence. Many schools have seen an improvement in student focus and concentration a... Read More »

Does coercion in adoption violate the UN's Declaration of the Rights of the Children?

Yes it does. All children are to be given the right to grow up with their mother and father of origin. Adoption itself breaches many rights of both the UN's Declaration of Rights and the Conventi... Read More »

Brazil's School system using Computer Chips On School kids uniforms to track if Students in School or not ->?

Agree-but disagree on a uniform..hey should have it embedded into the skin just like they do with animals to keep track of where they go...good idea!!..=)

What Are School PE Uniforms?

PE stands for physical education. Physical education uniforms are matching fitness outfits, usually shorts and a T-shirt, in the colors of the school, or a unique design that helps the schoolchildr... Read More »