What Reduces Armpit Sweating?

Answer Sweating is a natural process that helps keep the body cool. If uncontrolled, armpit sweat can become an irritating problem and can cause embarrassment. Treatment for this condition can range from ... Read More »

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A way to prevent bad BO + armpit sweating?

How to Stop Armpit Sweating?

Unless you are an athlete, armpit sweating can be mortifying in certain social situations, and knowing how to stop armpit sweating can lead to more confidence and less staining of your clothing. De... Read More »

Armpit sweating plz help?

just wash your armpits more often.while in the shower, or you can hand washthem in the sink, rub some soap,and splash some water. Also try not to wear tight shirtsand tight hoodies that are tight u... Read More »

I have an armpit sweating problem.?

maybe you're just nervous or stressed... find something that calms you down and do it whenever you begin to sweat