What Really Works to Whiten Yellowish Teeth?

Answer Whitening your teeth can be a confusing process. There are many products on the market that claim to whiten teeth, and then there are the visits to your dentist that most often promise to put a den... Read More »

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Do strawberries really whiten teeth?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Strawberries would stain, not whiten, it is considered an old-wives-tale

Does cleaning your teeth with baking soda really whiten them?

yes but it taste horrible.i recommend to mouth wash after that to get rid of the taste.

I brush my teeth after every meal or twice a day for more than a year. why are my teeth still yellowish.?

It sounds any deficiency in your body> check your teeth to a dentist. He will tell you better then all of us.

Do Teeth Gap Teeth Effect Bands really work even for really big gaps and will the gap return if you have a piece of skin between your teeth that people usually have cut in surgery?

I am going to try teeth band effect but I just left my dentist yesterday and she informed me my only way to close my gap is through an orthodontist to get braces or invisalign. I had braces because... Read More »